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do you see? - a blog about the screen

videos - promos

LA gallery - photos

idealine - net.art interface

photoblogs - mostly dull, but there's always something to find

trailers - coming soon

lynch - some film-maker guy

conscientious - blog/notes on photography

dublog - images recorded

consumptive - images considered

deFocused - blurred photos, I couldn't ask for more

barnpauls - ?!?!?!?!?

chris marker - post fiction

wong kar wai - voice from the other side of the world

guardian film - film journalism

video archive - resource

beflix - lo-fi abstractions

glyphiti - space-age message board (interactive drawing space)

struggle - turn off the lights, turn the sound up

they rule - how THEY are all connected

copywrite davis - exhaustive

word perhect - broken

frameworks - avant garde film boards

iota links - avant garde film lnks

image search - open photoshop and play

hoogerbugge - succinct narratives, moods and statements