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Junior Boys - Last Exit [KIN003] is rolling out across the world over June on both CD and double vinyl, you should be able to find it down in major indy stores, ask them... And one place you can be guaranteed to find it is on-line.

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- Pelicanneck - BOOMKAT

To stick with the journalistic consensus and give away the essence of "last exit", what you have here is a whirlpool of influences, from Depeche Mode through to Timbaland, Maurizio and the Basic Channel legacy through to New Order, Throbbing Gristle through to King Tubby, Ryuchi Sakamoto through to Horsepower Productions. Hard to imagine any other record this year that will inject so much life into pop music, or one that will give the underground as much inspiration and validity as this. File under : classic.

- WarpMart - WARP

One release that we've been waiting for for quite a while... this has a thorough Warp endorsement and is an extremely good record.

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- Piccadilly - link

this ten track long player encapsulates their ice cold production and delicate songwriting.


- Hausmusik - link

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One of the most interesting newcomers when it comes to british electropop. Great songwriting, fine music


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Får folk att hjula, gå ner i spagat, slå bakåtvolter eller göra vadhelst de nu gör när de hör bra popmusik... THECRICKET.NU

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